Frequently Asked Questions

You get a beautiful space to focus on what you want to manifest in this life and what you have to let go of to get it. We will guide you through a process that results in a road map for you to execute your plans. We’ll help you identify an accountability cabinet within your network. Our sole (and soul) purpose is to help you name what you want to be doing in this life, help you unlock what’s getting in the way, and guide you through a process that results in a plan for you to get there. 

We identify beautiful resorts that inspire levity and imagination. Each participant has their own space. We arrange transportation from the destination’s arrival airport to the resort. We also cater meals during THE DASH experience. 

No. All participants are responsible for their flights to and from THE DASH city. Upon arrival at the destination airport, THE DASH team will cover transportation to and from the villa. 

THE DASH was created and is led by Lisa Yancey, a strategist, entrepreneur, lecturer, and senior advisor to institutional leaders across the United States. This concept emerged from a life lesson gifted to Lisa by her mother, Betty Yancey. 

At a moment when Lisa was at a crossroad that would decide a key direction in her life, her mom said, “Life is the dash.” “What?” Lisa asked quizzically. Her mom continued, “You have your birth date, and you will have your death date. Life is the line in between.” The Dash, Lisa mused. “You must decide what you want your dash to be,” she punctuated.

That advice has led Lisa around the world. Her consulting firm has advised hundreds of organizations over the past 22 years—many with repeat engagements. She’s currently a lecturer of strategic planning at Yale University and has conceived a myriad of strategies and strategic planning frameworks that have brought bold visions to life.

THE DASH is for those who are ready to name the thing (or things) they most want out of their lives and to go after it without abandonment. It’s for those who are ready to step up, confront the fears and doubts, and push past the procrastination that gets in their way.  With a plan and accountability community, the DASHER is ready to do what it takes to live in the light of their purpose. 

Your will and determination. Be ready to experience a blend of truth-telling, fear, anxiety, exhilaration, peace, relaxation, and triumph. Be comfortable. We’ll gather for dinner at night. 

Bring any allergy medicine or prescriptions needed.

Yes. We curate all DASH experiences with care and consideration of people with disabilities. We will work with confirmed participants in determining how best to accommodate accessibility needs. 

We want you to feel good about this investment. You can pay in full or in three installments up to 30 days before THE DASH commences. The price doesn’t change. Those who pay in full 30 days before THE DASH commences will receive a welcome package prior to the event. 

  • PAY IN FULL– If you pay in full at the time of registration, you can cancel within 72 hours of booking for a full refund. After the three-day full refund window, you have up to 30 days before we convene on the date selected to receive a 75% refund. Once the trip is within 30 days, payment is non-refundable.
  • PAY IN THREE INSTALLMENTS – If you pay in installments, the three installments are 40% upfront, an additional 30% within 45 days of THE DASH experience, and the remaining 30% within 30 days of THE DASH experience. You can cancel your reservation within 72 hours of booking your registration for a full refund. After the three-day full refund window, you have up to 30 days before we convene on the date selected to receive a 75% refund of payments submitted as of the date of the request. Any  funds received within 30 days of the event are non-refundable.

If you are unable to attend THE DASH due to an unlikely circumstance or medical emergency, you may request to have your DASH experience transferred to a different date. These requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by THE DASH team. Once a transfer request is made, cancellation refunds are forfeited. 

We realize Covid is still with us, and thus, we ask you to continue to follow recommended precautions – before and during the retreat.

If you – or someone you have been in close contact with – is experiencing flu-like symptoms, or has tested positive for COVID-19 within seven days of the start of the Dash event, we ask that you withdraw your registration. We will honor a full refund if you must cancel for this reason.

The DASH team and the event venue aim to provide a safe and healthy experience during our time together, we ask you to share in this responsibility as well.

You will receive a full refund on all monies paid.

If you are waitlisted, you will be placed on a list in the order in which your request is received. All waitlisted persons will be contacted if a spot becomes available. In the event a spot does not become available within 30 days of the event, THE DASH team members will work with the waitlisted person to identify a different DASH experience date. 

You may register and pay for THE DASH via this link. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email and payment transaction receipt. 

THE DASH is first come, first served. You may sign up for THE DASH as long as there is space available.

If you have additional questions, please click here.

Let’s go!



We’re so excited that you’re interested in THE DASH!

We’re creating the space for you to both name your BIG DREAM and build an audacious plan to manifest it with an accountability cabinet to keep you on track. We’re not just doing it for you; we are doing it WITH YOU, and we are teeming to see what comes from doing this in a beautiful space with others who are also leveling up their game.

Okay, let us give you the details because it’s right around the corner!


  • A beautiful, remote villa on a beach (already secured)
  • With a small, targeted group ready to level up their lives (perhaps you are among that group!!)
  • With a flow and structure to get you to name the vision of yourself, you want to manifest and map a plan to get there—in a way that I do plans, which includes addressing behavioral patterns, resources/time/space challenges, and fears while naming opportunistic accelerants that could propel your path and building in community with others also on their manifestation quest. We will also identify your accountability cabinet before you leave.


  • There are only 15 slots. Everyone gets their accommodations in the villa.
  • What’s included?
    • Luxury personal accommodations
    • Transportation to and from the airport
    • Chef catering
    • Lisa’s facilitation structure
    • The development of a plan around the thing that you feel is your purpose/destiny/legacy/dream work
    • Vetting one-on-one time with Lisa
    • Digital copy of your plan after the retreat
    • Video of your declarations and photos as a part of your digital records that we’ll provide
    • Post-retreat progress check-ins with you and your accountability cabinet
    • Support in naming and readying your accountability cabinet
    • People to ride with you on this manifestation journey
  • Air travel is not included. You have to get yourself there. But once you do, WE GOT YOU! Plan your trip for November 9 – 13. Arrive on November 9 and depart on November 13 for the full three-day experience (November 10-12).
  • The retreat cost for people attending the first DASH is $10,000. When you sign up from the website, you’ll see it’s $15,000, but we’re discounting by ⅓ for this group and will provide those who sign up a code after we speak. And if you really feel the call to come and need to figure out a different payment structure, let us know. There’s nothing we can’t figure out together if this is for you.
  • We speak with everyone before providing the ability to register. It’s important for us to know who’s in the room to hold the care and audaciousness that we will curate together. We also know that this is an investment, so it gives you space to ask questions and for us to share what we will do and how you will get to this plan with a new accountability partner in us and cabinet in others also in pursuit of defining their DASH. So, email back that you’re interested so we can schedule a chat. We’ll make it happen within 48 hours.


November 9, 2023

Plan to arrive at San Los Cabos airport (SJD).
Transport to Gran Sueno.
Welcome dinner and reception starting around 6:00 PM.

November 10-12, 2023

THREE FULL DAYS TO DREAM BIG, plan, map those plans out for implementation, establish an accountability-and-you-got-this cabinet, name and identify hacks to eliminate behavior patterns that don’t serve your spirit or audaciousness (procrastination, inner narratives, putting yourself last, fear), and setting up a schedule for you to follow.

We’re gonna do this, and we’re not gonna rush it. We will plan it. We will sit with it. We will declare it. We will listen to each other. We will stretch ourselves (minds, bodies, dreams, spirits). We will take in the ocean. We will declare our manifestation of the dream, knowing that it is already done.

November 13, 2023

Plan to depart. Checkout is at 11 AM.
We can arrange travel back to the SJD airport as early as you need.


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To the futures we create,

Let’s Go!