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  • Activate your dreams.
  • Fulfill your purpose.
  • Map your plan.

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The Experience


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What You Get


The space and freedom to say out loud the dream you want most for your life.
We believe that one speaks their desires into existence. When you declare something, you become more accountable and begin moving toward the proclaimed intention. Research shows that people tend to believe what they hear themselves say. There’s power in saying something out loud in front of others. You begin to feel accountable and supported.


You will name what is getting in your way.
You will name what is getting in your way—keeping you from doing what you know you must do to reach the goal. Even if you feel there are multiple things, fear is at the heart of most stagnation. You can expect to be challenged by provocative exercises designed to catalyze your breakthrough. You will walk away with clarity—of what you want and what’s getting in your way of engineering your legacy. You are the architect.


We will step up your courage.
The difference between bravery and courage is that bravery doesn’t acknowledge fear. And fear is real. After naming what’s keeping you from doing the dream—what you’re afraid of—we will help you develop strategies to activate your courage to overcome your anxieties.


We will create a strategic road map.
Hope effectively arouses interest, but it’s not a strategy for getting things done. You need a plan—one that’s been questioned and turned upside down and addresses the core things that have been getting in your way. We will bring the rigor and framework that will clearly outline what to do and why, what it will take, and who you call upon to stay on track. You will know your direction and priorities before you leave our convening.


A cabinet and an accountability community.
No one achieves their dreams alone. We all need people—people who see us, will call us to task, and remind us of what we have committed to doing. We will bring together a community of people yearning to do and be more. To find their purpose and not let go.

By the end of THE DASH experience, you will have named the thing you really want, identified what has been getting in your way, and have a plan to break the habits that are keeping you from fulfilling your dreams. You will map a path to what will become your legacy. We will work over the three days. You will be in a beautiful and inspiring environment, but what you do will be work.

THE DASH is not a vacation. You must break open to break through. We will work together to step up your courage and build in a durable way to work toward your dreams. Come if you are ready for that.

The Rigor

During our time together you will

Let’s Go!

The Creator | Lisa Yancey

Dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, culture writer, poet, speaker, and strategist are just a few of Lisa’s identities. Lisa eagerly says that she’s a daughter of the South—given her Atlanta, Georgia, roots—although she has lived in New York for over twenty years and actively travels around the world. She cultivates relationships from “hello” and has mentored and coached countless individuals on their personal, professional, and leadership ambitions throughout the world. A C-suite executive at a legacy cultural institution recently told Lisa, “You’re like a corporate whisperer. You’re saying all the things [that] I know I needed to hear, even though I didn’t know I was ready to hear them.”

Lisa founded her company, Yancey Consulting in 2001, advising—and often told “inspiring”—hundreds of executives, managers, directors, trustees, and senior advisors around the globe in organizational and leadership development, evaluations, economic thrivability, business modeling, entrepreneurship, systems thinking, and expansion. She is working to launch a tech platform for Black women entrepreneurs by 2024. That’s one of her DASH goals.

A graduate of Emory University and Boston College of Law School, Lisa is a long-standing New York Bar Association member and a trustee of Fractured Atlas. She is a faculty lecturer at Yale University’s David Geffen School of Theater Management, teaching strategic planning.

Who is Lisa Yancey
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When? Where?


THE DASH flow:

  • Day one – arrival day, with lounging ease and a welcome meal.
  • Days two and three – full day sessions with meals.
  • Day four – a half-day session followed by lunch and your departure plans.

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THE DASH is a coded DNA sequence.


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